About The Blueprint

Quick Glance at the Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™

A Done-For-You Tourism Marketing Plan  Become a Tourism Marketing Rockstar With The MyTravelResearch.com Done For You Tourism Marketing Plan Template. As a tourism professional, you’re stretched for time, budgets are tight and you have competing marketing, and stakeholder needs. This is why your tourism marketing plan should be backed by solid customer research. There is no room for ‘hope’ marketing in our competitive environment. Imagine a pre-populated tourism marketing plan where:

  • The market research is done for you – latest trends and stats
  • Specific tourism market opportunities uncovered
  • Evidence-based strategy and tactics revealed
  • We show you how to refresh your branding
  • Tourism segments and personas created
  • Sample campaigns ideas and direction
  • SEO Help. We unlock the secrets of semantic search.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™ Work?

To use Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™, we give you access to our dedicated micro-site via a membership username and password.  Inside the site, we will house 2 sections of the plan:

  • The Situation Analysis
  • Tactical Action Plan

The plan is an evidence-based marketing plan for the travel and tourism industry.  You pick out the bits that apply to your business or destination, and apply, explore and execute. And we help you personalise your marketing plans with our LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS.

What’s the Deadline to buy the Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™?

It is available for you to buy, any time you like!  The cost is AUD1497.

All prices are in AUD.  Australian businesses will have GST applied at the the checkout.

Tell Me A litle More About The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™.

The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™ is a tourism marketing plan for the broad travel and tourism industry.  The plan applies to businesses and destinations around the world. An investment in our pre-populated done for you tourism marketing blueprint will make a difference to your life and give you time to work on your business or destination marketing.  We have already researched the latest trends, read the 100-page reports that you don’t have time to read, sifted through what information is relevant and what is not. And you have a combined experience of 60 years in travel research and marketing at your side.You see, what we have found in doing our plans is that much of operating environment is     common to all of us collectively in the industry - world wide:

  • The traveller path to purchase
  • Segments, personas
  • Tourism trends
  • VFR
  • Technical trends
  • SEO trends
  • Outbound growth market opportunities
  • Digital trends
  • Content marketing
  • And much more

Instead of churning out the same old campaigns, you will become a marketer that makes informed decisions . You will be seen as a true innovator bursting with ideas and creativity. Best of all, you will increase your visitation and make more money, what’s not to love about that?

How Should I Use The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™?

The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™  should be used as a base for your own destination or business tourism marketing plan.  You will find the situation analysis very comprehensive.

Your job is to personalise the plan to suit your destination or business.  You will need to pick out the bits best suited to your needs and create your strategy. We have our coaching calls to help you do that for you to ask questions - in other words, we take you though how to customise the plan.  These calls happen every 2 weeks. Our blueprint literally will save you hundreds of hours of work.

Who Should Buy The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™?

Travel and tourism professionals around the world.  We are targeting the plan at destination marketers and tourism businesses.

If you are interested in trends, insight and the latest market research and insight, this is for you.

It Sounds A Bit 'Cookie Cutter To Me'  Why Should I Buy The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™?

Yes it is!  We want you to pick and mix the bits you need, add your own visitation data to create a holistic plan.  There is some work for you to do – the trade-off is price.  We sell our customised versions from around $20k.

So have a think about it - do you think your mobile trends are different to others?  Do you think your Google semantic search trends are different to others?    We all face similar problems and opportunities collectively as an industry. The plan does need tweaking by you, there is an element of customisation required to make it truly your plan.  There IS a little bit of work involved. That’s where our customisation group coaching calls come into it.  We talk you through things like: - your SWOT - brand refresh - how to decide what is relevant to you and much more - tactical action plans - what you need to customise the plan

Can You Tell Me What The  Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™ Does Not Include?

The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™ does not include individual statistics or bespoke research dedicated to your destination or business. You will have to drop these in to customise the plan. But we have done the broad situation analysis for you.

Can The Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™ Be Used Internationally?

Yes. The plan is relevant to tourism destinations and businesses around the world.

What are the bonuses?

For everyone who purchases the early bird special, you will have access to these unique bonuses:

  • Our 40 page e-book  "The Ultimate DIY Marketing Toolkit for Tourism professionals"
  • If you are a destination, association or a consultant, we are also giving away a PLR version of the Ebook for you to brand completely as your own, with no mention of MyTravelResearch.com.  You can give this away to your industry members or clients. We want to make you look fantastic!

What if I am not happy with the Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™?

We will simply give you your money-back! On all purchases we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  We want you to be happy and comfortable that you have made the right investment. If you let us know within 30 days of your purchase, we will issue a refund to you asap.
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